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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Pain like this has never been felt before

Well hello lovely followers. I have been a little missing in action due to the after effects of my treatment followed by the onset of strep...something or other tonsillitis (the bacterial one)

So then let us go back to last Thursday and the day of my botox treatment in my feet.
The first thing I should add is the before photographs....

This is my left foot

This is my right foot

So now for the treatment. Well for the record I have already said that I don't like needles but once you see the size of the things you will simply have a fit at where they put it. If you are brave look at this :

This is pretty much what I had done. Where my procedure differs is that the needle has a probe on the end that is attached to a machine that send pulses through your leg and feet to make sure they inject the right muscles. Now for somebody with my condition sending electric pulses anywhere is agony let along the feet which are hypersensitive to pain. The pain was excruciating I am not going to lie. I have had two kids, take the top of one finger clean off, cut my knees wide open falling, had abdominal surgery and nothing, NOTHING!! is on a pain level that comes near to this one.

My consultant and the nurse both said that if they were offered the treatment they would refuse due to the pain this causes. That was said to me after they have stuck the needles in and made me cry. Oh God yes I bawled for about ten minutes. They did this procedure on the neuro rehab unit of my local hospital so I just want to apologise to all those on the ward who assumed the women in the cubicle was being torn limb from limb. I have subsequently withdrawn my application to join the team at Spooks as I now know that I could not keep quiet if they decided to torture me if captured whilst spying. 

On a positive note I think I may have overcome my fear of flying and dentists as nothing will ever be as scary as that. Well OK maybe snakes, I think I'd rather a needle to a snake any day.

Check back Thursday for the photographic evidence of how the effects are taking hold, although this week may be too early to tell as it takes ten days.

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