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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I fell of the wagon big stylee!

So lovely followers, you all know how I am trying to lose weight right? Well over the last few weeks I have been bad, bad and even badder!!  I have eaten everything I shouldn't and nothing of what I should!  I am now back in work and think I need to sort out the problem of eating too many carbs.

Problem is, when you rid your body of all the carbs you get very low in your mood and I am already very low so I need to play the smart game. I have decided to reduce carbs week by week until I get back to where I was before my Dad got sick.  So now I think I am eating well over 200g of carbs a day (think chocolate, bread, sweets) which means I need to drop about 150g of carbs to return to where I was.  ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

My plan of action is to stop the chocolate (other than atkins bars) and this will greatly reduce my carb intake.  So this week it's simply to cut out the choc.  Bye chocolate bar I will miss you xxxx

Friday, 25 March 2011

Life has changed forever

As you all already know, my dad passed away after a very sudden Pneumonia, but now I am ready to return to the things that I love....blogging!  So next week there will be more activity than ever on the blogs.

Here is a list of all the other blogs:
My mum blog
Business Start up blog
Event planning blog
Bridal blog
and my new blog Dear Dad

I'll see you in the week

Friday, 11 March 2011

30 Going on 13

In 2010 I turned 30! I know I don’t look old enough but I was indeed born at the beginning of a very unique era; the 1980’s!  To celebrate my birthday I had all my friends and family come and join me dressed in 80’s gear.  Someone told me that I looked great as Kylie Minogue, which was lovely considering I was channelling Madonna in the early 80s! Duh!!
You may be wondering why my post is titled 30 going on 13??  Well I don’t really feel like I have moved on since about my thirteenth birthday when I hit the “grown up” years.  I mean seriously at thirteen I thought I had hit adult hood and knew it all.  At thirty I have been married almost 12 years (I know; I was a child bride!)have two boys aged 8 and 10, and I own my own business.  I actually sound quite mature and responsible don’t I? But there is nothing I like more than to act  silly with my friends over a glass of wine, sing loudly in the car with my boys to the latest pop offering and eat candy floss till I hit a sugar high and then want to run around till I wear myself out. I sulk and pout until I get the handbag I want or the new top I really have my eye on…. See not so grown up am I?
There is a famous quote that says “We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden” and I really think staying young in my head allows me to do that.  People always use to say that I was a “wise head on young shoulders” which was a wonderful compliment to have but if there is one thing my dad taught me, it was to always be light hearted, stay jolly and happy and to never take anything to seriously; and that’s what makes me, me!  If I told you my life experience then you’d be quite surprised that I am light hearted, happy and jolly, but my dad taught me well. No matter what life throws at you, hit it head on with laughter and light heartedness and you’ll overcome.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Funny how life comes and bites you on the BUM!

What a few days I have had and the journey on this road has only just begun.  My dad got sick towards the end of last week with what I thought was a chest infection, within 24 hours it was severe pneumonia and today he was taken to intensive care as he began to get worse.

It's quite shocking the mortality to feel when you are faced with the real possibility that one of THE most important people in your life may not make it.  I have faced every emotion today and re run every memory we have together in my head a thousand times.

I am happy to report that as of right now he is critical BUT stable so for that I give thanks and rejoice.  I will of course do my very best to keep my blog going but I know you won't be mad at me for a few day's grace if things get busy.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Family comes first

Hey Lovely blog followers, I am sorry to tell you that my blog will be on hold this week as my dad is very sick in hospital with severe pneumonia, so I need to be with him.

I'll catch up with you next week