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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I fell of the wagon big stylee!

So lovely followers, you all know how I am trying to lose weight right? Well over the last few weeks I have been bad, bad and even badder!!  I have eaten everything I shouldn't and nothing of what I should!  I am now back in work and think I need to sort out the problem of eating too many carbs.

Problem is, when you rid your body of all the carbs you get very low in your mood and I am already very low so I need to play the smart game. I have decided to reduce carbs week by week until I get back to where I was before my Dad got sick.  So now I think I am eating well over 200g of carbs a day (think chocolate, bread, sweets) which means I need to drop about 150g of carbs to return to where I was.  ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

My plan of action is to stop the chocolate (other than atkins bars) and this will greatly reduce my carb intake.  So this week it's simply to cut out the choc.  Bye chocolate bar I will miss you xxxx

1 comment:

  1. don't worry..I can come to the rescue. I have a whole box of Atkins chocolate bars with your name on it xx