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Friday, 8 April 2011

A to Z challenge: C is for .... Carnival posts

I am not the greatest expert when it comes to blogging, heck I have only just begun! I want more lovely readers to experience my wit, sense of humour, sharp mind, athletic ability and desire to be slim! Who am I kidding? but it would be nice to get myself known by more blogger's. The latest carnival is from

Friday Club

I have to write about "poo"! This dear readers is not hard as just this week I have had two events that have brought me to this very subject. A lovely friend has just had a baby, when I say "just" I mean yesterday! Why am I telling you this? Well, it is tied up with my oldest son who is now 10 and very grown up.  He went to the bathroom last night just before it was my turn to make use of the convenience and he had decided to have a poo! Nothing abnormal or different about that other than the smell.

On my dear lordy! Why do children, the older they get smell worse when they rid themselves of this stuff. I bet you are now understanding the link between the 10 year old and the newborn. Newborns poo may smell but not like a 10 year old's, no siree!. Oh goodness gracious me what will life be like when he is 15 and his brother 13, oh and there is the MR as well!

I'm getting a shed and I'm moving in there! I will go find a nice one shortly but for now I will buy a rather lovely smelling can of cotton fresh room spray ready for tonight!

Thanks son, I love ya, I really do! Just not your poo!


  1. Haha, you can have my shed if you like? It's my poo free den.

    Visiting from 'Carnival of Poo' - sorry my comment is late. Nice to have found you.

  2. Haha, there are five boys in our house and there are definitely days when I wish I could move into my own (sweet-smelling) shed!