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Friday, 1 April 2011

Your timing stinks

Hey lovely followers, How's your week been? Can you believe the weekend is here already?

I bet you're wondering what my post is about today?  It's about my workplace. I moved there a month ago as I could not cope any longer working from my kitchen, a house is a home not a business centre.  Moving in was a great achievement and my office is full of stuff, all important stuff, but stuff none the less. Take a look:

Now they tell me that they are changing the carpet in the office in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh come on people! Where is a person meant to put all of that stuff!!!!  Can you tell how mad I am ?? I only moved in 4 weeks ago, 4 weeks ago!!! I asked about the carpet back then and was told " there's no plans to change it". My options are to either move half the room to the other side, then move it back after one side is done or to put it all in the corridor.  This is my corridor:

Oh dear readers what do I do?

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