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Friday, 22 April 2011

A to Z..... O is for opportunity

Have you heard the saying "opportunity doesn't knock twice" What you do think of that saying? Is it true?

I am a firm believer that life is what you make it and I think of opportunity as a gift. I have had a great opportunity to become my own boss and with lots of hard work I am achieving it! So where does opportunity come from? Well I guess opportunity is all around you.  There is always an opportunity to make a difference and that's a great place to start. Just open your eyes!

I saw a lady struggling with her shopping the other day but as I was on crutches I couldn't help, but there was an opportunity. When someone doesn't have enough change at the parking meter go on slip them £1 and take an opportunity. If you get asked out by a tall dark handsome strangers (if you know any lol) then go on take the opportunity. He may not be the man you marry but it's nice to be treated every now and again.

Fear is a horrible thing! It stops you from living your life. I desperately wanted to be a business woman but had the fear that coming off benefits and going into business would mean I would have no money and my kids would go without. I sort every bit of advice from everywhere and found amazing support schemes being advertised that were extinct (typical)! With a little bit of further digging I found that I could start off by doing permitted work and when I was up to 16 hours a week, I could claim tax credit (people with disabilities have a lower threshold for the number of hours they work). I actually found I was no worse off, in fact we were better off. Now that was surprising!!

I had tried lots of different ideas for starting a business but many came to a complete standstill when I found that I needed thousands of pounds to start up.  Then I came across... yes you guessed it AN OPPORTUNITY!  I bought a sweetie hamper for my brother and sister in law for their wedding day. I wanted something different, something that would stand out from the usual toaster and gift vouchers. When it arrived I was so disappointed and I said to the Mr "I could do better than that" and that's when opportunity knocked on my door and now we have grown from sweetie hampers to weddings, business promotional tools, fundraising chocolate products and so much more. I took an opportunity and it embraced me! 

When opportunity knocks no matter how big or small, you need to let it in! Keep looking!

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