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Sunday, 17 April 2011

A to Z challenge...H is for happiness

What is happiness? And how do you get it?

No two people will answer this question the same way. You'll get the cliched answers such as being with your loved ones, having enough money to be comfortable and of course having your health.

My answer; true happiness is being the real you all of the time and not feeling the need to be anything else.

You are probably wondering how I came to this answer. This weekend I have spent almost 3 days with some of THE nicest people you can hope to meet. I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and this weekend it was their 25th anniversary celebration in Coventry.  I also had the exciting task of making the favour cake for the night... pics will follow.  I met so many wonderful people who spent the gala night dancing the night away with me.  I sat in the lectures and workshops and it dawned on me that I had gone from being consumed by CMT to trying to pretend it didn't exist. I have gone from one extreme to the other and neither have done me any good. 

So I returned from my adventure to my "sheepy field" (a reference by a new friend to being welsh) with a fresh pair of eyes. I need to gain a balance in my life where I recognise that I have problems and yet not become so consumed by them that I don't have a life to live.  So here's to a great organisation who are supporting people all over the UK and beyond who have this disease, and to a common sense approach to being real about who I am. The real me, with minor faults shall prevail. Why not help out my wonderful friends at CMT by giving to the kids challenge  

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