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Monday, 11 April 2011

A to Z challenge: D is for .... Dreaded word: diet

I have wanted to lose weight ever since I had my first son back in 2001! I know 10 whole years people! 10! I mean it's not like I am massively over weight but I've got a bit of extra "junk in my trunk" Well this trunk has carried a bit more than it's fair share of weight in the last 10 years. I have gone from anywhere between a size 16 (UK) at my heaviest to a size 12 which is the size I have been for quite some time now. 

My biggest problem is that due to my lack of self discipline (oh I know I'm fessing here!) I cannot get past the 9 stones hurdle (126lb for my friends over the water) and due to seasonal changes such as Easter, birthdays, kids birthdays, mother's day, the MR's birthday, Christmas (you get the picture) I don't seam to get past this point ever for more than a few weeks.

I know you are all thinking that I was doing well on Atkins but with the passing of My Dad, last month, I have used carbs like they were going outta fashion! Oh me and mr carb and like best friends who have never left each other's side! I know it sucks!  No matter how I try I have not been able to ditch that dear old friend again.  So what's the plan now?  I have no idea! seriously not a clue!!!!!

I have had a very generous offer from Slimavite to try the programme out for as long as I need to, but I don't just want to jump from fad to fad... what do you think? Should I give it a go? Help me out lovely readers.

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