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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

3 lumps for the price of 1

Sunday was a sorry day for me. I had a fall! Please leave your sympathetic comments at the bottom.  I have been tripping a lot this last few weeks and I think most of it is because I am sooooo tired!!!  I mean you start off with a business idea and then hey presto you are up til Lord knows what hour and your body isn't resting.

Anyway I was walking up the ramp (safe option versus the steps i thought) to my in laws apartment in town when my foot caught in the paving and I fell.  I crashed down to the floor and before the MR could turn around I was crying like a baby.  The first thing I said whilst blubbering was "oh please help me up, don't leave me on this floor" (I know pitiful aren't I?)  What i meant to say was "you have about 10 more seconds to get me off this floor otherwise my whole body will seize up and I won't be able to move" (passed experience counts for everything with this condition)

So I get up thanks to being dragged off the floor by the MR, and boy does the pain begin to kick in. I continue my day not really feeling that bad but nonetheless sore!  Monday comes and I am not great but again getting about. Tuesday comes and I cannot move for the agony!  I mean for goodness sake what is it with my body and the two day delay! Seriously I have a day of doing OK after injuring myself and then the following one after that I can't move.  Never mind the phrase "the lord works in mysterious ways, my body does!!!!

So now I am nursing a very sore and swollen knee cap, ankle, elbow and shoulder, all whilst launching the new business tomorrow. I guess it will be flat boots and trousers tomorrow night then to hide all the lumps and bumps. Ah well dear readers it can only get better!

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