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Monday, 21 February 2011

Don't accept the first thing you hear

I don't usually spend my time on my blog putting the worlds to right but today I felt like doing something different.  I guess I am sitting on the edge of a very wonderful future, and it got me wondering what would have happened if I had listened to the person who at ages 23 told me, that I "should get used to being sick, cos I would never work again."

I am not the exception to the rule. There are countless hundreds who are living proof that if you have a dream and you keep pushing towards it, then anything is possible.  Who knew that this bed ridden mum of two could battle the odds and get back to studying and find a love for business whilst doing that.  Each step that I have taken has been hard, but here I am on the edge of a successful business, and great opportunities in the pipeline.

I met a very inspirational team this week whose focus are the people around them. They have a total focus for their community and every they do revolves around the people they see every day of their lives.  It got me thinking, if we all got a small focus towards people who need our help and away from our own problems, maybe we could achieve something. What do you think?

Maybe you've lost your way?  Have you had a dream that you have given up on cos the going got tough? why not make one step back towards the way you should be headed this week and then keep taking steps until you are on the edge of something great. And then you take a leap of faith! but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Just start with the first step!

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