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Friday, 4 February 2011

Products a plenty....

today we are going to give you a few updates about the products we've been tested as an extended family.  Those products include; Shloer soft drink and Colmans season & shake,

My dad who call "Pod" lives on his own and is always looking for great products ideas. See what he did with the Colman's season and Shake.

Colman's Season & Shake, Rustic Chicken. easy to follow, The Veg must be done to the instructions on the packet, as the picture shows chunky veg but the instructions say that the carrot and potato must be sliced thinly. I thought that the cooking time could be longer by 10min's but this may vary from oven to oven.  The packet suggests it is for four servings which is just right as the flavour is strong. I found it really easy to put together,  cooking time was about 60-70. It was very nice. If you are cooking for the whole family it could be waterdown so children may take to it better, but it did have a  good all round flavour.
If you have any questions about the Colman's Season and shake please leave a message below.

As a family we also tested Shloer.  This has been a family favourite for many special occasions as many of our family don't drink alcohol.  At Christmas and special events we usually buy shloer.  We have noticed that shloer has recently undergone a makeover and when it arrived we all thought the bottle had really gone up another level in its design.  Myself and the MR like wine, but we are always open to alternatives and the boys enjoyed taking out a wine glass from the cabinet and drink this with us.  The MR thought it was "light, left your mouth feeling refreshed and tasted sweet, but not too sweet"  Munchkins thought it was "tasty and nice, and guessed that this is what wine tasted like"  The Little Man just shouted "lovellllllllyyyyyyyyyy" when asked for his opinion.  Shloer is and will remain a family favourite.

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