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Friday, 11 February 2011

And breathe!!!

W finally got there, we are now officially in business. My guests last night had a fab time and they all thoroughly enjoyed the gift bags, candy buffets and orange cupcakes.  I am no however exhausted!!!!  It has all been worth it, because I am to be show cased in a south wales paper this Tuesday.  My launch coincided with the press release sent out from the Princes Trust (they are the ones who helped me launch) and so now they are featuring me.  How fun is that? Well great fun until you realise that the paper are coming at 10.30am Sunday morning to take my photo! Oh come on give me a break!!! 10.30am that's the early hours of the morning for a woman in business who has worked over 90 hours this week.

I will be sure to show you the article probably on Thursday as I am going to be at a retreat the beginning of the next week. 

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