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Thursday, 3 February 2011

I lost eleven pounds today

Seriously I did!  Want to know how ?

So you probably know by now that I am on the Atkins eating plan, not a old eat loads of fat one but the new eat lots of veg one. Well.....it has absolutely nothing to do with that!

I took my mum to the hospital in Cardiff today for a check up.  After her appointment had finished, we made our way back to the car, I paid at the machine, collected my ticket and jumped in my car.  I lost my bottle top on the floor of my car and then the problems began! 

So here I am rummaging around in my car, its a new car so its a clean car, thank goodness.  After opening the door and sticking my behind out of it to get under the seat, I then found the black bottle top against the black seat frame under my chair. Oh the shame of what I must have looked like.  And then worse was to come, I am switching on my engine and go to drive off when it dawns on my that my ticket is not in the usual place where i keep parking tickets.

I mean granted this is a new car BUT I have already found a great spot for my parking tickets just between the two cup holders, just next to my phone (I use hands free now don't ya know(check back tomorrow for my speakerphone review)  OK so I've obviously put in back in my bag right? WRONG!!!!  Me and mum empty pockets, bags, pockets within bags and NOTHING!!!!!!!!

OK so this genius blond decides to retrace her steps back to the only place I know I saw it last... the payment machine.  On my way back I am peeling my eyes back as if I were looking for a diamond ring but nothing.  I reach the machine and notice a help button.  So i think well this is my next step.

I press the button and a ringing tone blasts out of the machine... I begin to wonder "am I ringing a local person or will i end up speaking with someone in India" I hope for the former and fear the latter.  Anyway two minutes later a voice bellows out from the machine, I feel like I am talking to the wizard of oz who happens to have a very strong Cardiff accent. Before I tell him about the help I need, I look around to see how many people are standing around me and thank God there was no one!  So I proceed to tell the wizard that I have lost my ticket and I want to go home. The wizard tells me that I need to proceed to the building next to the car park and buy another ticket AT A FULL DAY RATE OF £10.

OK so now you know how I lost ten pounds now you need to know how I lost the other one??? Well you better check back when I update the post to tell you the rest of my saga!!!   OOH I know I'm cruel, it is worth waiting for I promise.

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