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Monday, 7 February 2011

So how did I lose the extra pound?

So remember me telling you about how I lost £10 but then I left you with the wonderment of how I lost the other one.  Well once I had spoken to the wizard, I realised that where I was standing and where I was going to have to go were only next door to each other. Yeah right, the building were next to one another but the paths that led to the building went across three roads and two bus stops!!!!  The two car parks were surrounded by fencing that blocked off all access to the road other than the "designated walkways" and thus two buildings in complete proximity to one another may as well have been two miles apart. 

My mum told me to just go to the top of the car park we were parked in, and press the ticket barrier for a ticket and then just pay at the machine. "Genius" i thought until I realised that the barrier has a motion sensor and that if I didn't run through it fast enough, the barrier would not shut or even worse the barrier would slam down on my head ouch!!!. I then felt totally guilty as the thought of ruining the barrier and so my trek across the desert that is the hospital grounds began.  After 10 minutes my little feet stood at the door way of the car park office.  I was still toying with the idea of running through the barrier and saving myself £8 but seeing as I had walked all the way over, I thought it best to just get it done! 

The very nice ageing guy sat behind the desk began to tell how I wouldn't believe how many women he got in there on a daily basis who had lost tickets!!!!  I mean come on give me a break! I've walked half a mile to only now be confronted by a complete idiot!  I just gritted my teeth and paid my money and as I turned and walked out....the guy shouted "put that somewhere safe now or it'll cost you £20" I couldn't even turn around to look at his little face behind the desk. I just kept walking.  So I am contemplating my trek back to the car and having to cross three roads and pass two bus stops when the phone rings... I glance at my phone at my worst fears are staring back at me. The screen reads "mums mobile", I can't even bear to take the call because dear reader I know whats coming next. I press the green button and then say "hello" down the end of the line as if someone were sticking pins in my eyes.  "Sara have you paid yet" mum shouts down the phone, "yes why?" I wince back "cos I have found it"  Well I kid you not if the number 43 bus had been pulling into the road at that point, he would have taken me out. I could not believe it!!!  The ticket I had just bought was a no return policy and the ticket in the car with my mother was now completely useless.  I could have cried!!!

So having dragged myself back to the car, I had to know where she found it considering we had turned the car upside down.  "it was in the cooler box" she said when I got into the car.  "the cooler box?? Why on earth did I put it in the cooler box (yes I have a posh car with a cooler box between the front two seats). Turns out that I had put it in the designated place only for it to slide off and fall under the rim of the cooler box. How do I know? Cos just as I was about to drive off to the barrier, it happened again!!!!   So the pound came from having to walk so far to buy a ticket to replace one that had already been found! Oh the shame!!!

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