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Monday, 28 February 2011

BaM! is just what I needed

The greatest thing about being a Bam! member, is that you get pushed in lots of directions, with great ideas given to you on a plate.  I have been using their teaching and mentoring for over a month now and the ideas are there, in place ready to execute and that's just it, I need more hours in the day to keep being able to execute.  There is, right now, nothing more frustrating for me, than having all this in my head (and now in a purposely bought book) and not enough time to put my plan of action into... well.... action!!

I have the potential for 33 different income streams by the end of spring, so now I need to create time! Yup that's it, simply stop the hands of time!  If anyone knows how you do this, then please get in touch as right now there truly aren't enough hours in the day, maybe you can buy them on eBay???

Increase your income in 2011

BaM! are opening their doors to more people (you don't have to be a mum) in March so why not start their free course now and then consider signing up. If you mention me, should you sign up, then you'll get extra niceness from the lovely Erica, Antonia and Carol.

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