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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Trying to find the bright side today.

When you learn to live with a condition such as Charcot Marie Tooth, after a while you appreciate that this condition brings good and bad days. When you have had a few good days and life is going well, one bad day can simply be like a little tornado hitting your wooden house!  It is fair to say that on the whole I am a generally up beat person and I fill my life with lots of interesting things to continue to be that way.  It is another story however when the level of pain you experience means that simply lifting your arm hurts so bad that you want to cry, and then comes the frustration of being severely limited and dependant on others.

Not the most upbeat post today lovely readers but this is the reality of my life right now and I set out at the beginning of the year to chart my progress with weight loss, battling the CMT and making a success of my business.  Well fact is fact that today is a bad day, and being kept awake until 4.30am with the pain has not helped but tomorrow is another day.  I am grumpy and unreasonable today, and instead of looking forward to a jazz evening with friends, I am contemplating the frustration of getting dressed lol. Sound like a very very old granny don't I??  Well that's bad days for you! 

It's OK to have bad days you know, the most mature thing to do is to recognise you're having a bad day, tell the people around you and then take it easy.  Do something you enjoy rather than try to take on a difficult task and frustrate yourself even more.  I was originally going to say that the CMT won the battle today but I think maybe I have taken back a little ground. If I am able to say "yes I am having a bad day, but that's OK I am going to take it easy and do what I can and what I enjoy" then just maybe I have won today!

Take is easy lovely readers. Having a bad day?  Let me know about it and we can feel better together!  This is for you

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