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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

chocolate, carbs and CMT

Hello readers. 2010 was the year of my BIG 30! Having hit 30 I decided that I needed to make changes in my life; Take better care of myself. It started with setting up my own business and led on to finding a solution to my painful feet and has resulted this year in starting a high protein low carb diet.

To regress a little and fill you in, I was born with a degenerative mussular and neurological disease but was not diasgnosed until the week of my 21st birthday. I had always been the clumsy one and the slow one but no one knew what to call it, until my dad met a genius doctor who had heard of Charcot Marie Tooth disease. As a result of two pregnancies my condition worsened and I didn't have the ability to stay in my job. fast forwarding, I went back to study got my foundation degree in business and found the one thing I did really well. Business!

I've been playing around with about 10 ideas for about 5 years and have finally landed on one that didn't needed huge investment and would work from the outset with marketing. It wasn't hard to convince me this would be a great idea. The product was chocolate and the service was personalised wrappers. Chocolate is the only food I can't live without.

So then fast forward to my friend the red head with expensive red wine taste and her chipmunk impersonator partner decide to get married. I am making all the exciting favours and things for the weddding and as such knew I wanted to look my best. The red head with expensive red wine taste had been telling me about her high protein low carb diet. The only words I remember truly were "on phase one you lose about 8lbs" Sold!!!!

So 2011 has started with three main aims, to be a size 8-10 for May, to have a really successful business by the end of the year and to get this feet problem under control. Why not join me on the journey, track my progress, shout at me from the sidelines and laugh when my day goes wrong. I'd love to hear from you so why not follow the blog and then leave comments. So here is to a year of Chocolate, Carb control and CMT! Happy new year!

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