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Friday, 28 January 2011

Oops I stuffed up

OK so I am confessing my sins before my followers, I.STUFFED.UP. Yesterday I had a carb fest. In the morning before I started work, the MR treated me to breakfast at our favourite coffee shop in town. Problem was that I was in a bit of a bad mood and so I thought ah what the heck, I'll have toast.   

I then had such a busy day ahead of me, with all the accounting and paperwork side of the business to take care of, that I forgot to eat. I can hear you asking "how did you forget to eat" well i don't know!!! It just happened to be 3pm when I next looked at the clock and thought, gees I'm hungry!

The kids had been at after school activities and we had all be eating really well this week that we decided to get a McDonald's! Now I was all set for a double cheese burger and coke zero and just leave the burger bun.  When I got to the drive in window I got a rush of excitement for carbs and next thing I know I am stuffing a quarter pounder with cheese in my mouth, bun included and a regular fries. All washed down by a full fat cappuccino. Whoops!  

So if that wasn't bad enough I decided that because I stuffed up, I may as well watch a movie with the MR whilst eating, a cream egg, Malteaser bunny and two caramel bunnies! I know I know. You are shouting stop you stupid woman at the monitor screen.

After my massive carb binge, I felt rough, yuck, unhealthy and just generally not nice.  Today I am back to my usual plan of protein, protein and more protein.  I actually really want it, my body actually doesn't enjoy unhealthy carbs anymore! that's something!

I am a lucky girl with this eating plan however, I have chocolate every day, and I bet your wondering how on earth I eat chocolate when it's full of carbs?? Well this one isn't...

These are my complete joy!! I eat one every night when I am writing my next blog. 
So you see I don't need to grab a load of carbs, there are plenty of nice things to eat on Atkins. And now dear readers I have competition of a whole other kind..... the MR has been asked by a company to trial their weight loss programme. He is going to be guest blogging here once a week to tell you about his progress. So let the games begin. We have a bet on now, to see which one of us gets to our goal first, so now the carbs are history! I have to win this seriously I have to win!

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