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Friday, 14 January 2011

The gift of gift giving

As you may already know I am on the journey of starting my own business and the official launch is just weeks away. This weekend I, being so dedicated to my business am heading off on my first business trip of the year. I could head anywhere right now to source the most amazing gift products but where do I decide to go??? Next door into the west of England lol! Who said having your own business was glamorous?

With my carefully packed low carb food in tow I get to spend the day looking at over 100 sellers' wares. Lucky me! I am actually, if I am truthful with myself actually really looking forward to it as you never know what genius item you will find next. Maybe I'll find the road to being a millionaire or maybe just a nice gift box company. You gotta be grateful for what you've got! lol

I booked a hotel that looked just divine on it's website, out in the country with lovely grounds only to find that their restaurant is currently being upgraded and therefore breakfast will not be served! Well not for me anyway. They will of course have plenty of danish pastries, cereals and toast. Yup just what you need when you are on a low carb eating regime. BUT never fear I have a plan. See you back here Monday and I'll tell you if that plan went as it should. Go on off you go, have a great weekend, doing nothing but relax! Well somebodies got to!

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