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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I'll never be a size zero!

There is such a raging debate over size zero. I only heard this week on twitter a well known stylist tell his followers that there was a competition for plus size models. Now when I was growing up plus size was like 16 and over, now it is defined as 12 and over. AWWW come on fashion world give me a break. When you think that the national average for a females size is 14, there should in fact be more "plus size" models on the catwalk than skinny.

Nobody loves tracking the fashions shows more than me BUT I hate to admit that clothes do sit differently on a size 0 than on a size 10. BUT if more fashion houses designed for what women want we wouldn't all hate the clothes we buy. And then a strange thought came to me, maybe thats what it is. Maybe they want us to be unhappy so we keep buying more.

Well fact is fact that even if I make it to a size 10 before the wedding of the red head with expensive wine taste and her chipmunk impressionist, I love food too much to ever make it to size 0.

Everyone is panicking over what I will do when I get to my weight and start having to eat "real" food again. I mena fair play i'm not panicking, I'm cruising to fit in my size 12 jeans again lol not worrying about being skinny. I just want to be comfortable in my own skin. Is that too much to ask? Well we'll see where it goes from here. BTW major downside of atkins...congestion in the colon!!!!! but after about 12 glasses of water it solved itself. What a relief!

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