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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dropping the juggling balls!

There is a wonderful myth that exists that women are GREAT at multi-tasking. Well you know we do what we can, but today, I had my dad to collect and return to the car garage, my two monkeys home from school so that their teachers could train to teach, and two business appointments. All whilst keeping the carbs at bay and making sure the legs worked whilst fatigue did not kick in.

I KNOW!!! Major ask!

I ended up late for one meeting, whilst arranging to get my dad home as his car was worse than first thought, make sure the kids were fine with their dad (well nobody died, so that was a triumph) and give my little body food whilst fighting the carbs. I got to my last meeting and I sat down with a cappuccino! yes a carb filled cappuccino!! ARGH!! What can I say I needed a caffeine fix!

Today will be another crazy day as I have to head to the wholesalers, which is like an hours drive each way! plus another 2 hours to complete and then collect the boys from school where their teachers will refrain from training to teach for the day and after that I'll fit in more reading, blogging and marketing. Juggling again!

The one major joy in all of this is that I don't have housework! I have a most amazing muscle man that is the MR who keeps our house looking just like a house and not a local rubbish dump. He's been my side-kick and companion for almost 12 years now and where would I be without him? Well actually.... no where! He's dressed me, nursed me, lifted me in and out of the bath, driven me everywhere I needed to go and so many other things I can't remember them all. Does he ask for anything in return? No.... although I do think he is building it all up in a little memory pile until we are financially self sufficient and then he may request a brand new Audi or BMW. Mark my words he will ask for one!

So my balls are still in the air and all I have to do now is hope I don't trip. (Major hazard of a muscle disease)

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