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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

When is too much information enough information?

Today's blog is all about Munchkin. He has gained this name as a result of staring last week in a production of the Wizard of Oz, where he played one of the three lollipop league representative. Luckily he is sharing the role with two others, so he only had two performances a day for two days! 

taken from westend-musicals.co.uk

Munchkin has a double figure birthday JUST around the corner and to celebrate we are planning to go and see Thriller in London. You see when you get to double figures you are too cool for parties! So I have begun my search for tickets and to my surprise found great price tickets.  Now my dilemma began when, having spoken to one of the cast from THE OFFICIAL Wizard of Oz she said "come along see the show" and come and meet us. (she knew munchkin was appearing in his production). I thought this was a wonderful great idea UNTIL I looked up the price of tickets and one weekend away for a birthday treat, turned into the cost of an annual holiday! Like seriously.  I really wonder if there is a resource out there on the web that find the cheapest tickets?? I mean I googled "wizard of oz tickets" and got back about 10 million responses (OK slight exaggeration).  Why can't there be a money supermarket or a travel supermarket equivalent for tickets for theatre and events? If there is please leave me a comment.  And for that matter why are theatre tickets so expensive? I mean why do we scream out for a civilised culture and then charge major amount of the Great British Pound to view some of it.
Picture found in article by Hollywood reporter
Shelling out major cash brings me to the second part of my blog. There is the most exciting, "I simply have to have one" product this year The Nintendo 3DS. These are not my demands (I am merely wanting a kindle) they are the demands of the child entering double figures affectionately known as Munchkin.  He has in fact been saving for about a year to afford one as soon as they arrive in store. Anyone thinking of buying a gift for the great day, fear not he wants you to add your generous donations to his 3DS fund. They come out just after his birthday and just in time for our trip to friends in the USA. So I decided to find out more but to be honest got bored half way through the article. 

So yesterday felt like a day for absorbing too much information and I now have a pulsating brain as a consequence. I shall go and lie down, or maybe read my ebooks. 

I thought I'd have a question and answer session one day next week so please leave your questions and I promise to answer them all, openly and honestly, with not too much information.

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