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Monday, 31 January 2011

Disaster strikes!

Well, lovely followers, just when everything it going along tickety boo, a proverbial spanner gets thrown into the works.  My website for the business, is my pride and joy. I have been working on it with the web designers for two months and it was supposed to be ready to launch.  It was ready, until we had some friends and family test it out for us.  The reviews were not good.

Everyone loves the design and layout of the site, not a single criticism was found;  nothing until, they tried to use the online shop.  When you are working with personalised products, it can be quite difficult to create a one size fits all web shop.  We have now taken on board the concerns and have taken the website offline until our official launch on Feb 11th!  It's no big deal as I would rather miss 10 days of orders than put people off ordering from my website for the rest of my business days. But it just goes to show that the devil is in the details.

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